Case Study: Zipfizz Healthy Energy Drink

Zipfizz is the market leader among powdered energy drinks.  The company wanted to create a campaign that hit home with health conscious women on the go.  Zipfizz tapped Social Animal to create a campaign that clearly portrayed Zipfizz’s key messages: great taste, hydration, healthy, long-lasting energy and sugar-free content. The Social Animal team came up with the idea to base the campaign around a day in the busy life of successful actress and author, Josie Bissett.  The video starts with a scene of Josie and her kids waking up in the morning, progressing to a book signing and a workout at the gym, followed by a red carpet event, and finally reuniting with her family at home.  Zipfizz is featured enabling this dynamic working mom to effortlessly get through her demanding schedule. 


“Social Animal was the perfect partner to produce this spot for us.  They used their fantastic 360° video technology to create a compelling interactive video that gives consumers a reason to come back to our website, plus they created a knock-out ad spot for traditional formats that really highlights our product and mission.”

Riley Livingston, CEO of  Zipfizz

SA360 Interactive Version

This ideo enables the viewer to navigate through the scene and explore the hotel. CLICK and SCROLL on the video screen to experience all 360 degrees of this video

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