With only a few days notice, Social Animal sprung into action and enthusiastically teamed up with Australian-based SOTA Creative to produce a one-of-a-kind 360º virtual driving experience for the launch of the latest model of Subaru Australia’s Impreza.

We took our SA9 9-camera 360º camera rig system on a tour of Sydney and the Southern Highlands to film the content for the launch reveal moment. The warp- and distortion-free 2K footage that our SA9 system offers was then projected for over 200 awestruck Subaru dealers and their partners at Sydney’s Hordern Pavilion. “We’d been thinking of how to amplify the engagement of an audience who, in truth, had seen almost everything before: HD, super HD, 3D you name it. The thought of a 360 degree cinematic experience grabbed everyone’s attention, including our client’s. But as they say: ideas are easy, it’s the doing that’s tough. So. . .we searched far and wide for a means or better yet a company who could make it a reality. Enter Social Animal. We were asking tough questions. HD projection on a screen hundreds of feet in circumference? Film all of it from a car as though we were the driver? . . .Can you get here by Monday? In the simplest terms, Social Animal saved our ass. We had promised big. They delivered bigger. . .and better. When all was said and done, the hoops they jumped through to accommodate us (usual thing – no notice, across the planet, impossible shooting schedule, ridiculous post-production timings, meticulous client), and the way they worked with us made it not just easy but a pleasure. I can’t speak highly enough of them or their work. Now, we just want to find a job where we can work with them again.. ” – Tim Robinson, Creative Director at SOTA Creative.