The full strength of our SA9 camera rig’s 2K resolution got it’s chance to shine brighter and HIGHER than ever before. . .3,500 meters high at the top of Europe.  Commissioned by the Jungfraujoch Bahn, TAMSCHICK MEDIA+SPACE (Berlin) hired us to take the SA9 airborne for never before seen 360º footage of the Jungfrauoch’s highest peaks.  Using the KlausCam, a talented helicopter pilot from Air Glaciers, and an amazing team, we were able to deliver this magical footage.  TAMSCHICK MEDIA+SPACE then edited the footage as a projection in the Sphinx Hall, Europe’s highest cave on screens totaling 170 sq.m. (24m X 11m X 5.5 m).  Visual 360 was achieved by stitching 7 projectors together totaling a 13K x 1080 resolution.  After one of our most complex camera rigging jobs, we truly ended up with the most incredible 360º footage we’ve ever shot.