Devo is best known for changing audiences idea of what a Rock band can be by employing new technology in its music and pioneering Music Video as a medium.  Devo’s Chief Strategist Gerald Casale joined visionary directors Kii Arens and Jason Trucco, to create an iconic video that changes people’s idea of what a music video can be.  The team turned to Social Animal to make that vision a reality.

“What We Do” features the band performing in a circular room divided into eleven worlds, each showing a unique tableau of Devo-inspired characters performing their own respective activities.  For the first time Social Animal worked to integrate “360 Touch Video” elements into the video, allowing viewers to not only create their own experiences with the 360 degree video content, but to mouseover items in the video for an opportunity to purchase Devo merchandise. Over 20 items of merchandise are offered for sale in the music video and all of the original art work can be purchased via e-bay auction.  The end result is an unprecedented interactive experience that allows viewers to truly engage with one of music’s most innovative bands.

 “Social Animal is the only company that is capable of capturing 360 degree video in 2K resolution.  It is my pleasure to reunite with the team who several years ago joined me in believing in the vision of 360 degree interactive music video, when most everyone wrongly said that it was impossible. Social Animal’s unique, state-of-the-art production capabilities allowed my collaborators and me to capture the scene that we created in the highest quality and the team worked tirelessly through complex player coding and post production to deliver a music video that, whether experienced by people online, on television, or projected, indeed, changes people’s idea of what a music video can be”. – Jason Trucco, Director.