Leader in Panoramic 360°

Our inventive SA9 Camera System uniquely records cinema-quality panoramic footage with minimal warping or distortion. Due to the high resolution capture, results can be shown intimately through VR goggles or projected on two story high walls surrounding a live audience of hundreds.

Who We Are

The internet is filled with interactive content. It transformed people from passive viewers into active participants and it radically changed the way audiences interact with content. So why hasn't video followed suit? Social Animal was born out of a desire to do just that.

We believe interactive video that gives users a participatory experience and active role in the way content unfolds, lives up to the promise of the Internet. We are thrilled to be able to bring it into the world.

Based in Los Angeles with offices in Seattle, Social Animal has filmed around the world from the tops of the Alps to the deserts of Australia. Our clients have included feature film producers, worldwide advertising agencies, national tourist boards, mass market retailers, restaurant chains, music performing artists, hotels, high end real estate brokers, and game developers.

What We Do

Social Animal specializes in interactive cinema-quality 360 experiences for commercial and creative applications. We also develop live action augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) experiences. 360VR is our first release, a format that increases involvement, interaction, intimacy and influence - all hallmarks of audience engagement.

What People are Saying

Social Animal’s 360 HD video technology and services offer artists a broad palette for creating vibrant, life-like pictures that invite audiences to enter their world

- Alan Sartirana Filter US Recordings CEO

When we were evaluating new ideas that could increase user engagement and personalization for our client’s campaign, Social Animal’s HD 360 interactive technology was an immediate fit. Allowing visitors to control the way they experience a real Scion event was the perfect way for the audience to become fully immersed in a truly branded experience

- Alex Sanger Senior Vice President of Interactive at AND company

Social Animal is the only company that is capable of capturing 360 degree video in high quality cinematic resolution. It is my pleasure to reunite with the team who several years ago joined me in believing in the vision of 360 degree interactive music video, when most everyone wrongly said that it was impossible. Social Animal’s unique, state-of-the-art production capabilities allowed my collaborators and me to capture the scene that we created in the highest quality and the team worked tirelessly through complex player coding and post production to deliver a music video that, whether experienced by people online, on television, or projected, indeed, changes people’s idea of what a music video can be.

- Jason Trucco Director, DEVO "WHAT WE DO

E3 is one of the biggest events of the year for G4TV. Adding the Social Animal team and their SA9 camera to our network’s coverage of the event provided us with stunning HD 360 degree video and a new, engaging way for our online audiences to virtually step inside this exclusive event. The Social Animal team also added hotspots to the tours which allows the audience to dive deeper into the content, while at the same enabling G4 to drive traffic and page views to other clips, reviews and articles from one central hub. Maybe more impressively they provided the videos and the custom hotspotting with a 24 hour turn around

- Robert Juster G4 TV, Head of New Media

We are thrilled to have the opportunity of bringing Social Animal’s visionary platform to the Isreali viewers. SA’s professional guidance and preparation throughout the production and post production process made this previously impossible mission, an exciting project with no ‘surprises’ and with perfect execution. It was definitely the most fun production I’ve ever taken part in and the results are superb. We actually have nothing to compare it to as all our other attempts at 360 failed at the quality test. This interactive video experience is the biggest technological leap forward that we’ve had as content creators. You have to see it for yourself to believe. All I can say is that with the brilliant technology and people of Social Animal anything is possible. If you’re a daring producer, or a creative director – these guys will bring you the stars

- Yarden Gatt Producer and Executive at Dori Gatt 360